Methodology and lessons learned


The international best practice research was part of CLIMATEFIT’s work package 1, Task 1.3: Understand and capitalise on the good practices. The work was performed in preparation of Deliverable 1.1: ‘Adaptation Investment Landscape’. This deliverable is available on the CLIMATEFIT website. Task 1.3 focused on benchmarking good practices in local climate financing in the EU and internationally selected based on their 1) transferability to the European context (if international), 2) transferability/relevance for local climate resilience projects, 3) an initial needs assessment among the cases, and 4) presentation of potential champions for a novel financing. In other words, this task searched for international examples of climate financing relevant for the climate and financial context of the 20 CLIMATEFIT territories.


This form of sampling is considered a combination of critical case sampling, maximum variation sampling, and criterion sampling. With critical case sampling, “researchers choose cases because they display features that are central to the phenomenon of interest. These cases are most likely to reveal the most information with respect to the research questions” (Clark et al., 2021, p. 379).

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