For over a decade, the WCF has facilitated large-scale collaboration between governments, businesses, financial institutions and international organisations, accelerating the transition to a green economy. Through creating powerful cross-sectoral partnerships, WCF foster innovation and investment for sustainable solutions in climate resilience.

Role in the project

WCF acts as the project coordinator for CLIMATEFIT, guiding all partners towards achieving the project's intended impacts. Moreover, WCF assists Financial Institutions for the Environment (FIEs) in identifying opportunities for resilience financing. This involves matching the offerings of FIEs with the needs of Protected Areas (PAs), establishing Local Resilience Taskforces, and spearheading the pilot implementation of all adaptation finance solutions developed within the project. Given that applied research is central to CLIMATEFIT, all methodologies will be specifically designed for the end users. These methodologies will be applied and refined based on user feedback, fostering continuous improvement.

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Stella Whittaker