Municipality of Maribor is second the biggest municipality and city in Slovenia with 147 km2 and 113.000 inhabitants. It is a University City and economic, educational, cultural and sport centre of Podravska region. City of the world's oldest grapevine is surrounded by the green forests of Pohorje and picturesque wine-growing hills. Municipality have been very active in the field of climate change mitigation in past years and have made an important contribution to increasing the share of RES. With the introduction of shared spaces, expansion of pedestrian areas, introduction of new cycling routes, improvement of the public transport offer, significant progress has also been made in the field of sustainable mobility. Recently, Maribor has placed important focus on addressing climate adaptation field and become also part of Mission Adaptation to Climate Change. Nature-based solutions, green and blue infrastructure measures are planning and implementing with greater attention in last 3 years.

Role in the project

MARIBOR represents the Slovenian planner case study.

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