Embuild Vlaanderen is the Flemish construction federation. Our mission is to inform and support the construction sector and to make an important contribution to the accelerated implementation of all kinds of innovations in the sector. By setting up clusters of companies around subsectors (e.g. Federation of Green Roofs & Walls), we work together with companies and other partners to introduce innovations in the construction and other sectors. In this context we also engage in European projects such as Interreg and H2020 projects (RECĀ², FCRBE, CBCI, Natuur inbouw) to learn from other regions and organizations and to collaborate on societal challenges such as the circular economy and recycling. Embuild disseminates by various means of communication. We organize hundreds of annual events, webinars, fairs, training courses, videos and workshops.

Role in the project

EMBUILD represents the Belgium Funding and Investment Entity.

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