The CMCC Foundation ( is a non-profit research institution. Its mission is to investigate and model our climate system and its interactions with society to provide reliable, rigorous, and timely scientific results, which will stimulate sustainable growth, protect the environment, and develop science driven adaptation and mitigation policies in a changing climate. CMCC collaborates with scientists, economists and technicians to provide analyses of climate impacts on various systems (agriculture, ecosystems, coasts, water resources, health, economics). CMCC benefits from the extensive applied research experience of its cofounder institutions: Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Università degli Studi del Salento, Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Università di Sassari, Università della Tuscia, Politecnico di Milano, Resources for the Future, Università di Bologna. It is organized in the form of a network distributed throughout the country with locations in Lecce, Bologna, Caserta, Milano, Sassari, Venezia, and Viterbo. Through its eleven research Divisions that share different knowledge and expertise, the CMCC scientific organization supports and enhances the integration and collaboration of the interdisciplinary skills needed to deal with the climate sciences related topics.

Role in the project

CMCC will build the capacity of these end users (Public Administrations in 20 territories and Financing & Investment Entities (FIEs)) to unlock financing and investments for climate resilience. Complementarily to this process, common methodologies will be developed to support public authorities in the design of their investment strategies, including guidelines both on relevant investment concepts, creation of pipelines of bankable projects and on the estimation of budget needs for local adaptation priorities.

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Giulia Galluccio