ACTIERRA is a consultancy firm specialised in climate change policy and climate change adaptation. ACTIERRA has proved its expertise in designing and implementing climate-responsive measures at different scales: strategic approaches and institutions at international and national level, regional and interregional initiatives, research and consulting for local authorities, operational actions at local level, etc. Main activities and services provided by ACTIERRA include: 

  • Provision of climate change technical expertise in support of regional technical assistance and cooperation programme on energy and climate issues. 
  • Analysis of impacts, vulnerabilities and risks related to climate change at territorial and sectorial level or related to investments plans. 
  • Development of adaptation strategies and action plans at territorial and sectoral levels. 
  • Support in analysis of climate change projections of global and regional models. 
  • Climate impacts modelling and vulnerability assessment. 
  • Assistance with developing climate change services and products (early warning systems and climate/weather vigilance tool). 
  • Analysis, design, implementation and evaluation of climate change policies, programs and projects. 
  • Climate Finance, support to national readiness and design of programme/project proposals for funding by international mechanisms (Green Climate Fund, GEF-funds, Adaptation Fund, etc.); development of national/local funding mechanisms for resilience and adaptation. 
  • Integration and mainstreaming of climate change mitigation & adaptation into public policies, sectorial strategies and investment programs.
ACTERRA’s expertise in climate change adaptation builds on practical work experience of over 15 years acquired in projects financed by donors and international cooperation agencies. 

Role in the project

ACTIERRA will assess financing barriers and drivers for territories, apply the investment strategies on the 20 case study territories, design stakeholder engagement for creating Local Resilience Taskforces unifying these stakeholders with similar interests in resilience financing and consolidate these taskforces in the four most advanced territories.

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