Case Description

It faces different problems related to climate change, with more importance on drought, due to its position in climate, wildfires and floods being those consequences the essential issues in climate change. Barco de Ávila is a mountain zone with problems associated with drought, which is increasing the wildfire risks and jeopardizing rural and farm activity, and more frequent episodes of floods which creates issues in terms of erosion, forest devastation, and risks for population and infrastructures. Similar problems face the Navaluenga zone with a softer climate and drought consequences in tourism. Those factors created and accelerated by climate change affect the most important economic sectors, namely the agrarian and farm activity, forest, and tourism, generalized to the province and the rest of Southern Europe. Nevertheless, the resources for facing those problems are still scarce and it is needed to mobilize the interest and implication of public administrations and the allocation of resources. There has been a starting point with the approbation of SECAPs in some province municipalities, including the Spanish cases. However, it is still needed to ensure the development and application of these documents.

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