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The Czech Republic, a land-locked country with a climate transitional between an oceanic and a continental climate is represented in this project by the city of Jihlava and the city of Liberec, which participates in the 100 EU´s climate neutral and smart cities initiative but is burdened by repaying existing loans. This presents a challenge to finance all their plans and needs. While Liberec has approved its SECAP plan and is finishing a comprehensive climate adaptation strategy, Jihlava has identified several times higher investment needs into climate resilience than what they are currently spending after developing their adaptation strategy. The Czech Republic has the fastest-growing debt level in the EU, which might mean more intense restraint in public spending in the future than in other EU countries. The country has one of the highest inflation rates (17,5% in 07/2022) in the EU and high-interest rates by the central bank (7%), representing further barriers to investments in general.

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